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The European Union regulation related to personal data protection has been enforced since 2018.
The GDPR strengthens consumers´ rights and subjects organisations that process personal data to more stringent obligations.
Linguistic Academy ensures that all personal data in their possession shall be treated in accordance with the text of this regulation et will respect the following requirements:

– Contract clauses and duration, treatment objects and nature, data types, categories of people concerned, and both parties´ rights and obligations.

-We guarantee that all personal data shall be managed by the data processing officer only, and not for any other use than stipulated (except under explicit legal authorisation).

– We ensure that adequate organisational and technical measures are taken to guarantee a suitable level of security.

– We pledge not to hire any subcontractors without prior written authorisation from the data processing officer. If need be, we shall impose upon any concerned subcontractor all legal obligations ensuing from the first subcontracting contract between the data processing officer and the first subcontractor.

– We guarantee that any person authorised to process personal data (such as technicians in charge of service operation) has pledged to respect the confidential nature of personal data and is under legal obligation to do so.

– We shall offer assistance within our means to the data processing officer to fulfil his legal obligations following requests from people concerned who wish to exercise their rights.

– If need be, we declare that we are willing to assist the processing officer to fulfil their own obligations related to security, notification, and / or communication of personal data breach.

– Personal data shall not be transferred outside the European Union to destinations that do not offer adequate protection, nor without prior appropriate supplementary guarantees agreed upon with the data processing officer beforehand.

– We guarantee that when our service provision ends, all personal data shall be sent back to the data processing officer or deleted in a secure manner; and that any copy shall be destroyed.

-All necessary information is available to show our respect for our legal obligations and to facilitate audits – including inspections – by the data processing officer or by any other accredited assessor, and to contribute to these audits.